Thursday, April 9, 2009


When I was young my mother would look for remedies to cure my hurts and sickness. Some of these remedies worked while others did not. Among all of the home remedies she tried, the ones that seemed to work best were the ones that made me feel loved, important and wanted. There was just something about feeling loved and knowing I was important that made all of my problems seem to go away. The best home remedy for the soul I have ever encountered is knowing how much my life mattered, knowing that I was important and someone cared.

Unfortunately as I grew older I felt my life did not matter. The pressures of life left me feeling that I was no good, not important, and not needed. Self-doubt filled me; thoughts of not being good enough consumed me. I longed for someone to prove to me that I was worth living. My soul ached for the remedies I knew as a child, and I thought I would never see them again.

Fortunately the human spirit has a resolve that can be found in the darkest despair. If you look hard enough within, you will meet the person who will show you the reason you are here. It will not come from a place you expect, but rather a quiet inner voice of someone familiar. If you listen, you will discover that it is not someone else who will remedy your soul, just you.

Once I discovered that feeling needed and wanted had to come from within first, I was able to move on with my life. I met someone who could understand me and made me feel wanted. I married and had children of my own. Looking inside myself I discovered that what I was looking for was already inside me. I did not have to look to others to find love or feelings of being needed. They were there inside of me all along. As I spend time trying to find remedies that would cure my own children's sickness. I find again that love and making them feel wanted seems to be the best medicine for any hurt.

Of all the things I have experience in life; I have learned that life is much easier when you know you matter, but first you have to matter to yourself. To find remedies for the soul you could try going to others, buy it in a bottle, but relying on other devices to make you feel good will not lead you to find true happiness. First you must look deep into yourself. There you will discover the best home remedy for the soul there is, you. Love yourself, take care of yourself, be persistent, and remember you are special there is no one else quite like you.

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