Saturday, January 9, 2010


Two small boys on opposite banks, starring at one another. If not for the pond between the two, they could be mistaken for brothers. Two little boys, with fresh young faces but old hatreds fill their eyes.

Glaring across at one another, with anger and despise.

"Why do you both feel this way?" croaks the old frog from his lily pad. "What have you done to one another?" uncertain why they're mad.

"My father said, this is our way, that his side did us wrong."

"Well my uncle has said, your sides to blame," shouts a reply from across the pond.

The old frog then looks at both of the boys and questions with dismay.

"How can these brothers someday soar together, if they're chained down by yesterday?"

-written by W.A.S.-

This is a short tale but one so real for some Malaysians...who are still bogged down by yesterday...May they learn to let go and to move on.


Tiger said...

There are some people acting irrationally for reasons they don't even know themselves.

Luckily for us, they are only a minority!

masterwordsmith said...

Exactly. Let us hope that those were the only ones and that they were not part of a larger conspiracy!

Take care and keep safe.