Sunday, May 2, 2010


It was a rainy night in New Orleans;
At a bus station in the town,
I watched a young girl weeping
As her baggage was taken down.

It seems she'd lost her ticket
Changing buses in the night.
She begged them not to leave her there
With no sign of help in sight.

The bus driver had a face of stone
And his heart was surely the same.
"Losing your ticket's like losing cash money,"
He said, and left her in the rain.

Then an old Indian man stood up
And blocked the driver's way
And would not let him pass before
He said what he had to say.

"How can you leave that girl out there?
Have you no God to fear?
You know she had a ticket.
You can't just leave her here.

You can't put her out in a city
Where she doesn't have a friend.
You will meet your schedule,
But she might meet her end."

The driver showed no sign
That he'd heard or even cared
About the young girl's problem
Or how her travels fared.

So the old gentleman said,
"For her fare I'll pay.
I'll give her a little money
To help her on her way."

He went and bought the ticket
And helped her to her place
And helped her put her baggage
In the overhead luggage space.

"How can I repay," she said,
"The kindness you've shown tonight?
We're strangers who won't meet again
A mere 'thank you' doesn't seem right."

He said, "What goes around comes around.
This I've learned with time - -
What you give, you always get back;
What you sow, you reap in kind.

Always be helpful to others
And give what you can spare;
For by being kind to strangers,
We help angels unaware."

-Author Unknown-


Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing ... this is beautiful and i truly believe..

masterwordsmith said...

Dear Anon @ 9.15am

You are most welcome. It is my pleasure to share inspirational gems like this one to inspire us to be more than who we are today.

Take care and may you continue to bless others with your kindness and love.

God bless you!

zara said...

I like this post. I believe in what comes around goes around. The most important thing is to do right and nice the first time and at all time, no matter how bad and tough it might be, because along our journey, there may be some people who might help and walk with us till the end of the road.

masterwordsmith said...

Dear Zara

Lovely to hear from you again.

Glad you like this post. Many thanks for sharing your inspiring thoughts with us. Do take care and may you continue to abound in gentleness and kindness. Take care and please keep in touch.