Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fairy Tale or Positive Thinking

Recently, my friend's brother sent me the link to this story:

Stephen Hawking: 'heaven is a fairy story for people afraid of the dark

As one approaching the sunset years of my life, I found it to be most inspiring that a man who has such physical disabilities can be so positive despite having gone through and survived many challenges.

Far too often, we focus on the have-not's rather than the have's.

May this story inspire you the way it inspired me to live more, regardless!

Take care and have a wonderful day!

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joshua wong said...


i'd read the short article.

Prof Hawking's assertion that he did not believe in a 'personal' God reflect the same thought as Einstein. Maybe our purpose in life, as human beings, is to ask questions and find the answers ourselves. Even if there could be no answer to most of the questions.

Death is only a physical phenomenon for someone who had already presented humanity and its future generations a legacy of knowledge that would last into eternity, if we can even begin to understand where eternity goes.

i'd take the liberty to read another article from there. i don't quite agree with his statement that "philosophy is dead". i hope he's misquoted.

Looking forward to more such postings of yours.

masterwordsmith said...

Dear Joshua

Many thanks for sharing your deep thoughts about death.

Of course philosophy is not dead! As long as mankind exists, there will always be those who desire to know more, think and inspire.

Take care and do keep in touch!


joshua.w said...


It's been awhile already and i'd forgotten about this post, haha.

Digress a little ya. There's a comment in another article here.

It reads:

"Science most certainly doesn't concern itself with truth. Science is about formulating testable hypotheses and then testing them, thus forming a picture of the world through deductive reasoning. No inference of truth may be made from this and in fact the only claim that could be made is that you have an image of the way the world is that hasn't been proven wrong yet. If anything science bears a close resemblance to fictionalism.

Truth is the domain of philosophers, and I would thank you to leave it to us."

i'm certainly no scientist, but the first part does seemed to quite accurately described the 'form' of science, mainly through deductive reasoning. But i'm also aware that real science, the "spirit" of it, is also a search for the truth of life.

And i am sure Hawkings, like Einstein, Newton and many other great scientists understood this spirit in their quest for knowledge and truth of our physical world.

To me, truth is not only a domain of philosophers though they certainly had an important claim to it. Truth is for everyone of us living in this world. And we can't ignore religion too in this search. Not the form of it or course but the spiritual part, for want of a better word. For science and religion are but complementary concepts on the same path leading to the one Truth, i'd once read. And we should not ignore one to the other.

You have a great weekend ahead with your loved ones ya.