Thursday, September 15, 2011


The waves dance light-footedly
To the tempo of the splashing sound, hush.
Clear sky hovers above
Adorned in shades of blue, silver and grey.
Boats swaying sleepily
Uncaring, yet a part of nature.
Everyone is at an unhurried pace.

The waves working up to a frenzy
Their mouths foaming with raucous roar.
And boats wobbling to a Mexican wave.
The darkened sky menacingly threatening
Moody like a wet blanket.
The flashy siren could be heard in the distant sky.

The first drop of rain
Brings relief to the downtrodden beach.
Panicking picnickers rustle by.
The scavenging boats scampering towards shore
As if to pacify the sulky sea.
The heavy battering of the rain
Signalling it is time to wave goodbye.
I roll up my sitting mat
Pledging to watch the setting sun
At another time.

Written by koonoon

*Thanks to koonoon for sharing his beautiful poem with us.

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