Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Ultimate Lesson

In early times in Japan, bamboo-and-paper lanterns were used with candles inside. A blind man, visiting a friend one night, was offered a lantern to carry home with him.

“I do not need a lantern,” he said. “Darkness or light is all the same to me.”

“I know you do not need a lantern to find your way,” his friend replied, “but if you don’t have one, someone else may run into you. So you must take it.”

The blind man started off with the lantern and before he had walked very far someone ran squarely into him.

“Look out where you are going!” he exclaimed to the stranger. “Can’t you see this lantern?”

“Your candle has burned out, brother,” replied the stranger.

-Author Unknown-


Tiger said...

I was thinking about the moral of the story.
So many possibilities.
But the main points would be:
1. You may not know what you need until someone points it out to you.

2. Even when you have what you need, you should not take it for granted.

masterwordsmith said...

Thank you, dear Tiger, for sharing your wisdom with us thus broadening the scope of the post. Take care and God bless you as you continue to bless others with who you are!