Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Red just graduated from college and was offered an opportunity to interview for
a position with a firm in New York City. As the job involved moving his wife and
small child from Texas to New York, he wanted to talk the decision over with someone
before accepting it.

His father had died and Red did not feel he had anybody to turn to. On impulse,
he telephoned an old friend of the family, someone his father had suggested he turn
to if he ever needed good advice. The friend said he would be happy to give Red
advice on the job offer but said:

"I will help you on one condition, and that is that you take whatever advice I give
you. You might want to think about that for a couple of days before hearing my suggestion."

Two days later Red called the man back and said he was ready to listen to his counsel.
The older man said:

"Go on to New York City and have the interview, but I want you to go up there in
a very special way. I want you to go on a train and I want you to get a private
compartment. Don't take anything to write with, anything to listen to, or anything
to read, and don't talk to anybody except to put in your order for dinner with the
porter. When you get to New York call me, and I will tell you what to do next."

Red followed the advice precisely. The trip took two days. As he had brought along
nothing to do and kept entirely to himself, he quickly became bored. It soon dawned
on him what was happening. He was being forced into quiet time. He could do nothing
but think and meditate.

About three hours outside New York City he broke the rules and asked for a pencil
and paper. Until the train stopped, he wrote - the culmination of all his meditation.
Red called the family friend from the train station and said:

"I know what you wanted, you wanted me to think. And now I know what to do. I don't
need anymore help."

"I didn't think you would, Red," came the reply. "Good luck."

Now, years later, Red heads a major corporation in California. He has always made
it a policy at least once a year to take a couple of days to be alone. He goes where
there is no phone, no television and no people. He goes to be alone; to meditate
and have time to listen.

-Author Unknown-

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