Wednesday, February 18, 2009


It is 7.30 a.m. in the morning. I am up as usual in hamster-like fashion. As I sit here in front of my laptop, I am thinking about life and death and the meaning of it all.

Many thoughts are running through my mind. Eyes are sleepy but my mind is wide awake. And I am thinking about my dear son Jon….and thinking about what is love…and how it is more, much more than just three little words.

So, what is love?

To me, love is a million things….

Love is …

…asking about someone’s day and truly caring about the answer
So the next time I ask you, “How’s your day?” please know that I truly want to know about it and care about you.

…knowing that people can be different and loving them just the same
It doesn’t matter if we have different opinions as long as we agree to differ rather than differ to agree.

…being there for my loved one and friends

…being patient with people, even when I’m tired or especially when I am tired.

…writing a note or post of encouragement to my loved ones and friends

…listening to a friend’s story even if I had heard it many times before

…calling someone back after an argument

…being honest about how I feel

…caring for someone even when it’s hard to do so and I don’t feel like it

…trusting in someone even when I’m scared

…saying sorry when I’m wrong

…listening and giving advice and knowing the difference between the two

…smiling even if my heart is weary

…calling someone to say ‘Hi’ even if it has been a busy day

…praying for someone

…forgiving someone again and again

…walking beside my loved one, not ahead or behind

…believing in my loved ones

…being comfortable with my loved ones even in silence

…providing a shoulder to cry on and being a friend

…a difficult emotion because it carries with it so many types of responsibilities

…surprising someone

…dying to self for someone

…offering someone a new perspective to life

…holding my tongue

…not changing the radio station/tv channel when someone is using it

…being a person to joke with

…trying to understand people and/or situations


…being open to correction

…ignoring someone’s faults


…serving others

…changing my plans for someone even if it breaks my heart to do so

…crying for someone because I know they are hurting inside

…giving good hugs

…doing what God does to us


Oh…there are so many ways to say ‘I love you’. Exchanging notes, text messages, e-mails, cards, phone calls, web cam calls etc. Each day of my life, I realize how important it is to say it, especially at home.

However, there is a difference between telling someone we love them and telling them WHY we love them.

Life is short.

Till today, I regret the chance to not tell my dad “I love you” when I saw him the last time on Sept. 26th 2007 before he died on Oct 16th 2007. I never expected him to leave me and always thought he would be there for me. Now, I always tell my loved ones and friends how much I love them just in case I don’t have the chance to do so again..

When people tell me that they love me, my heart is filled with so much joy and what else can I do but do the same to fill their hearts with joy and love….Hearing such love messages makes such a difference in my life and it helps me to remember that loving others is what matters.

To me, love is more than just the three little words. It is a process that is learned. I am quite sure that no one has mastered the art of loving because of its inherent complexities and demands and yet, in this short life of hours, love is the most important thing.

C.S. Lewis said, “God does not care how much we know, but how much we have loved.”

Before I say good night, or rather good morning by the time you read this…allow me to share with you yet another quotation that I love…

‘Blessed is the influence of one true, loving human soul on another.”
-George Eliot

As you begin this new day in your life, let go of your inhibitions and hang-ups.

Love, just love, no matter how difficult it is to love that person.

Let God be seen in you today and always in the way you love.

I want to love too…to love more and to be loved more.

God bless you....


Kak Teh said...

Love is laughing at his jokes even though you've heard it a million times. sigh!

masterwordsmith said...

Dear Kak Teh,

Such is the mystery of true love, ya? ;)