Thursday, July 2, 2009


If you have received an email with Painted Feathers in it and have been searching for their origins, this is it! I have no idea who began that email, or why it would be sent without a link or name. You will find those feathers from the email within this site, and so many others... welcome! I received that email from Angela and then forwarded it to Walt who (as I expected) was able to tell me the background and origin of the painted feathers. Thanks Angela and Walt!

Pacific Northwest feather artist Julie Thompson has been creating her intricate feather paintings on naturally-molted peacock wing-feathers since 1990. Her first markets were along the cruise ship route in the southeast of Alaska, her home state - in such towns as Ketchikan and Skagway. Since then her style has grown and representation has spread dramatically. Her meticulously painted feather works are now sought after internationally - many of her painted feathers have found homes in countries across the globe.

All painted feather pieces are fully framed, triple-matted with acid-free mats, wire-hung, with UV glass. Framing size averages around 8 inches by 18 or 19 inches, and is cut to the proportions of each feather.

Click on THIS LINK to watch clips of her wonderful art work on feathers and be inspired!

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Anonymous said...

AMAZINGLY beautiful. Wow! I've never seen anything like this before.

masterwordsmith said...

Hi Andrea,

Incredibly beautiful, right? I wish I could draw, paint and conceptualize like that...

Take care and have a lovely weekend, dearie.