Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Mr Kitahara is a famous Japanese TV satire movie star cum director..

He has recently won another international film award. A few years ago his mother passed away. He went home to attend her funeral. He never quite liked his mother, because she kept asking him for money. Should he missed a payment,his mother would call him up and scolded him. On top of that, the more famous he became the more money his mother demanded from him.

When he arrived at the funeral, he still cried very miserably. He felt that he did not fulfill his duties as a son to take care of his mother during her living years. At the end of the service, as he was about to leave, his brother handed him a small parcel saying,"Mother asked me to pass this to you."

Carefully he opened the parcel. He found within, a savings passbook and a letter. The savings account was under his name with a balance of tens of million Yen. In the letter his mother wrote, 'Dear son, among all my children, you are the one whom got me most worried. You were never an academic, a true spendthrift and over generous to your friends. When I knew that you were going to work in Tokyo, I was worried that one day you would become a bankrupt. That is why I insist on you sending me money every month. This is to give you a drive to earn more money, at the same time help you to save. Here is all your money, I did not have to spend a cent,for your brother has taken care of me very well. Now take the money and spend wisely."

After reading the letter he broke down with tears and sorrow...The richest man in Taiwan, late Mr.Wang Yoong Ching once said: The dollar that you earned does not belong to you. The dollar you saved is genuinely yours.

With the worldwide economy down turn, growth rate and interest rates are decreasing while inflation is on the hike. Do not underestimate the little expanses that we have, like a cup of coffee, a packet of cigarettes or a nice new shirt. If we can save it, it might change our life.

If you have friends who find it hard to save, please share with the little story of Mr Kitahara.

The cause of a future that can not be sustained financially is not due to income that is too low, it is expanses that is overly high.


Anonymous said...

I agree. The more we earn, the more we spend. And worst is that most of the stuff we spend on are more of wants than needs. If we make a habit to set aside, even a small amount every month, you will be amazed by how much it will grow - thanks to the power of compounding.

And the best way to get into the habit of setting this monthly sum aside is to get it automatically deducted from one account and transferred into a designated one; compared to say, having to write a cheque out for it every month.

masterwordsmith said...

My dear Andrea,

Well spoken like a professional financial planner!

All it takes is discipline, effort and most of all, commitment and this habit must be inculcated from a tender age - then we can reap dividends in our old age :-).

With the onslaught of advertisements in mass media, more and more are becoming materialistic and do not see the need to save....

Take care, Andrea. Thanks for dropping by and for sharing your input.