Tuesday, July 7, 2009


t was 1976. She was 39 years old and a single parent. Two years back she was a married woman whose routine was doing the household chores and bringing up her children. Things changed when her husband deserted them.

She became a very unhappy and angry woman. She could not see any way out of her predicament. With only 3 years of schooling, the only thing she could do involved physical labor.

She then decided that she had to do whatever it took to continue living. With that decision, her day started at 5.30 each morning. By noon she had finished doing the daily washing for five families in the neighborhood. After that it was rushing back home to prepare lunch for her children and getting the housework done.

There were many times when she came home feeling very exhausted. On certain days when she had to do heavy washing, she would come back with aches and pains. Her hands and feet were rough and callused from scrubbing and getting soaked daily.

While her hands were busy, her mind was troubled and she was hurting inside. At times she could hardly go on but she had to continue her struggle to feed her children and to ensure that they continued with their education.

She didn't know how her future as a single parent would turn out but she set out to do something and did. She fought for child support from her ex-husband and appealed for scholarships. She was the breadwinner, the disciplinarian, the counselor and most of all the mother to her children.

She put in lots of effort and was determined to see things through. The pains, miseries and uncertainties made her wiser. Slowly she picked herself up and got herself involved with activities that kept her away from feeling sorry.

She celebrates her 71st birthday this year and has fulfilled her dream and her responsibility. It was not to make money or to become rich. Her desire was to provide the best she could for her children even as a single mother. She has succeeded.

The most wonderful thing is having her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren gather during the Eid festival.

In her opinion, what she did was what any single mom would. What she does not know is that she is my pillar of strength. She is my mother.

-author unknown-

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