Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Some one started the whole day wrong--
Was it you?
Some one robbed the day of its song--
Was it you?

Early this morning some one frowned;
Some one sulked until others scowled;
And soon harsh words were passed around--
Was it you?

Some one started the day aright--
Was it you?
Some one made it happy and bright--
Was it you?

Early this morning, we are told,
Some one smiled and all through the day--
This smile encouraged young and old--
Was it you?

-Author Unknown-


Chahya said...

I like this. It reminds me that whatever little things that we do actually affects other people too.
It's important we be kind and understanding to everyone, for everybody goes through some kind of trouble or challenges in their daily lives too, we just don't know them.
It doesnt take much to show a pleasant face kan?

Here's smiling at you.


masterwordsmith said...

Dear Chahya

Exactly, my friend. Sometimes, one can be so wrapped up in one's own little world and by then, one may forget to show sensitivity and tolerance to those around us. When we realize that others affect us as much as we affect them, then we can begin to show a little bit of love and kindness to touch the lives of those around us. And I am smiling at you too, dear Chahya, as I type this because you have touched my life.

Hugs and salams