Sunday, October 18, 2009


Once upon a time, there was an exhausted mother. Mother spent each and every day providing for the needs of her family. Many nights she would go to bed so tired that she didn't even remember falling asleep. One unusual night mother sensed a strange and different feeling in the air. While she and her family slept, an Angel of Greatness granted her deepest desires. Not a person in her family was aware of the Angel?s activities until strange things began to happen.

The alarm clock went off at seven o'clock, not a moment too early, not a moment too late. When Mother entered the bathroom, steam fogged the mirror from the hot, strawberry scented bath that had been run for her. Rose petals were floating in her bath like lillipads for ladies. After her heavenly bath, she dried off with a cotton towel that was especially made for her by the Prince of Egypt.

Moments later, she followed angelic voices to the kitchen. The voices were proclaiming, "Oh, Worthy Mother, eat in peace." Before her was a breakfast that was prepared for a king and his heirs. The most colorful food was placed on the finest china dishes. The breakfast feast was compliments of the children, who not only cooked with perfection, but also cleaned with even more efforts.

Amazed by her surroundings, Mother's eyes filled with tears as she watched her children get themselves ready for school. While the children proceeded to make their own lunch, husband came in with a vase of wild flowers and handed them to Mother. Along with the rainbow of flowers, husband handed Mother a plane ticket to London. He kissed her gently on the forehead and spoke with the greatest authority, "My lovely wife, your great work does not go unnoticed! I acknowledge all that you do. I insist you spend the afternoon in London and treat yourself to all the blessings that you deserve. My companion, my friend, it is I who is blessed."

All of London stood still as she exited the plane. Parades were marching up and down the narrow roads in Mother's honor. She ate the finest entrees, and danced with the director of Catz. People come from all over the world just to tell her how much they envied her greatness.

The plane trip home was wonderful. Mother was serenaded by Elton John while being massaged by Fabio. Mother watched the movie -- As Good As It Gets -- only shown to first class passengers, of course.

The plane landed and Mother was greeted by her faithful Husband and precious children. One child said, "Mother, I know you must be dreadfully tired. Please let me do the honor of carrying your bags." Husband took Mother by the hand and pledged his undying love for her. He assured her that the time they spent apart while she was in London was to him like being thrown into a den of vipers.

When they returned home, all the family took Mother to bed. They made sure she was comfortable and happy in her clean, freshly washed linen. The whole family was there to tuck Mother in and kiss her good night.

Meanwhile, the Angel of Greatness winked down on Mother. The Angel was confident that for one day Mother knew she was appreciated.

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